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Fruit Spirit Feminised Seeds - Royal Queen
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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds (also known as automatic seeds) have come a long way in the marijuana breeding world in recent years. This is because they mature and produce THC coated buds even under a regime of continuous light such as exists at very high latitudes at the height of summer, which makes them very popular for outdoor growers who are then able to harvest mature plants before the temperatures start to drop too low at the end of summer and early autumn. Auto seeds were originally produced and popularised by the Joint Doctor under the Lowryder brand name. Since that time the cross-breeding of famous cannabis strains with ruderalis genetics by other seed banks has resulted in an explosive proliferation of the number of such fast-maturing non-photo period dependent dwarf strains. Some seed banks such as Grass-O-Matic and Flash Seeds specialise in breeding and selling only such strains while long established seed banks such as Dutch Passion and Green House Seed Co., among many others, have also added auto strains to their catalogue.

An even more recent development has seen the appearance of high CBD (cannabidiol) autoflowering lines which have been developed for the increasingly important and accepted medical marijuana sector. With the help of the CBD Crew in Spain Grass-O-Matic has produced MED GOM 1.0, and Barney's Farm, Dinafem, Flash Seeds and Dutch Passion also include similar plants in their selection. What at first seemed like an interesting curiosity in the world of cannabis breeding and growing has turned into a dynamic growth sector due to its great popularity with customers who now have a huge choice of easy to grow small plants thanks to the continual experimentation and development of the seed banks.

Feminised Autoflowering Seeds
Feminised Autoflowering Seeds
All of our feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds under one category for you to browse at your leisure.
Regular Autoflowering Seeds
Regular Autoflowering Seeds
Regular autoflowering cannabis seeds can grow into either female or male plants with the ratio being approximately 50/50 over a large enough sample.

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Browse our selection of both feminised and regular auto-flowering seeds including all the big names that have made automatic strains so popular as well as the very latest dwarf hybrid marijuana strain releases.

Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Check out our selection of Cheese Seeds including Dutch Cheese, Blue Cheese, Swiss Cheese and Pineapple Chunk.

Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

We have a great selection of fast flowering cannabis seeds such as California Hash Plant Feminised seeds, Cinderella 99 Feminised and L.A. Ultra seeds available in various pack sizes.



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