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Alpine Seeds

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Alpine Seeds

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Alpine Seeds says that in the last ten years much has changed in the cannabis growing and breeding scene. The Alpine Seeds team considers that the quality of many cannabis strains has been deteriorating slowly but steadily due to in-breeding and a reliance on a limited number of strains.

According to their interpretation quickly bred unstable genetics have come on the market with increasing frequency and according to the breeders of this seed bank one must simply ask whether this is really the right way to progress. Alpine Seeds has therefore decided to develop its own regular seeds strains for which the quality is once again first and foremost in the selection and which owe nothing (or very little) to the ubiquity of (sometimes quite over-bred) Dutch genetics.

Every single Alpine Seeds breeder started many years ago as a self or hobby-grower thus ensuring the dedication and quality of the contents of each pack of cannabis seeds.

The philosophy and goals of Alpine Seeds Swiss Seed Bank

  • The quality of the final product, in terms of potency, flavour and taste, are the main criteria by which we choose our cannabis varieties and hybrids.
  • A large and detailed selection is of utmost importance to select the best plants from many parents. In addition, we try to work with as pure and homogeneous genetics as is humanly possible.
  • Alpine Seeds' focus is clearly on Canadian and American elite clones which are difficult to source in Europe for collectors and growers.