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Pure sativa hybrid strain bred from Congolese and Nepalese land-race cannabis strains.

Bangi Haze Regular Seeds grow into a short-statured pure sativa cannabis strain bred from Congolese and Nepalese landraces.

Ace Seeds Bangi Haze

Ace Seeds Bangi Haze is a land-race hybrid strain which has a relatively short flowering time for a pure sativa at 9 - 10 weeks. It is a hardy plant, a trait it derives from its Nepalese heritage, which is also very resistant to mould in colder and damper climes even though the buds are quite densely structured for a sativa. The high takes much from the Congolese providing mental stimulation. The floral aroma has more than a hint of aniseed.

Bangi Haze Growing Tips:

Bangi Haze was developed in Galicia in north-west Spain, where the weather is frequently cold and damp. After several generations of improvement Bangi Haze developed a resistance to cold, damp and all types of fungal problems and being practically immune to mildew. It produces excellent results, flowering even on foggy or icy days when other varieties would easily die or rot.

Bangi Haze has been tested in a variety of warm and cold climates including countries further north such as France, Belgium and even the United Kingdom. It is also a great plant for indoor cultivation/breeding due to its compact and columnar structure and its short flowering period.

Bangi Haze specifics:

  • Cannabis genetics: Congolese x Nepalese
  • Type: 100% cannabis sativa
  • Flowering: 9 - 10 weeks
  • Harvest: Late September / early October outdoors in the northern hemisphere
  • Environment: Grows well in all environments.
  • Seeds in pack: packs of 5 and 10 regular cannabis seeds
Ace Seeds Bangi Haze Regular
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