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Cannabis Seed Saving

Cannabis seed saving is the recommended use for all cannabis seeds sold by Headsite.com. In fact we will refuse to sell to anyone whom we have reason to suspect intends to germinate and grow them as this would constitute a criminal offence in the UK. It is recommended to preserve, store and save a variety of seeds for a time when they could be legally cultivated. Seeds sold by all the major cannabis seed banks have already been dried, or preserved, ready to be stored and saved for future use when cannabis has been legalised.

Why Store Cannabis Seeds?

Why store cannabis seeds? is a thought that may occur to many people. Obviously in today's legal climate it is not possible to legally grow cannabis in most countries although there is a provision for permitting such cultivation for medical purposes in some states of the USA. Other countries such as the Netherlands (Holland), Spain and Portugal, to name but three, have a more relaxed and enlightened view towards personal cultivation. In view of this it makes good sense to save valuable seeds for the future and to do so on an individual level as the big, official seed banks are prone to bombing (a grain seed bank in Iraq), or power failure (in the case of the Philippino rice seed bank). The proposed Norwegian "Domesday Vault" would store seeds at minus 20C and it has been estimated that six weeks would need to elapse after a power failure before the seeds' viability was compromised. It follows then that if many individuals store cannabis seeds correctly then there will be a greater spread of chances of viability surviving into the future.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds

How to store cannabis seeds is a consideration that would naturally be at the forefront of anyone's mind who was interested in preserving cannabis genetics. Not to do so correctly could severely compromise the viability of important landrace strains as well as modern hybrids.

Preparing Seeds for Saving

Preparing seeds for saving is quite straightforward. The container used should preferably contain a small amount of dessicant to absorb any moisture whilst at the same time being waterproof to prevent any possible ingress of water. It should also have a tight- fitting waterproof lid and seal. A film container, or similar, would be ideal.

Where to Store Seeds

Where to store seeds with recommendations in order of preference and future viability. Please note that in all cases temperatures should be kept constant or as close as possible.

  1. Refrigerator: A commercial refrigerated unit or even domestic 'fridge is ideal if set at a very low temperature yet above freezing point. If left undisturbed and at a constant temperature seeds will remain viable for many years into the future.
  2. Freezer: Seeds stored in a freezer will keep very well although overall have a slightly reduced success rate. Saved in this way seeds should not be thawed and re-frozen without compromising viability.
  3. Anywhere cool, dry and dark: Success is also quite possible as long as the seeds are kept in a cool, dry and dark place and left undisturbed as much as possible. Future viability is least favourable using this method but a reasonably good success rate can still be achieved.

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