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Dinafem Seeds

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Dinafem Seeds


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Dinafem Seeds is a Spanish cannabis seed bank which has been breeding and supplying top quality cannabis seeds since 2002. Specialising in the production of feminised seeds it is a company which pays extra special attention to the preservation of its products, ensuring that they reach the customer in tip-top condition by virtue of its state of the art packaging.

Specially Packaged Seeds

Dinafem's feminised seeds are sold in very special packaging which protects them from the deleterious effects of crushing, light and humidity. The seeds are placed in a stoppered standard laboratory plastic vial together with a special moisture absorbent silica gel. If excess humidity is present the orange gel changes to blue. If this occurs there is a danger that the viability of the cannabis seeds could be compromised. No change in colour implies that the seeds have been stored correctly and that they are in perfect condition. The plastic vial is then placed into a crush-proof metal container.

Dinafem Seeds from Headsite are correctly stored in refrigerated units to guarantee both freshness and viability.

Available in packs of 3, 5 and 10 cannabis seeds - Dinafem Seeds