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DNA Genetics

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DNA Genetics Seeds

DNA Genetics Seeds for Cup winning cannabis seeds

DNA Genetics Seeds was started in California in the late eighties by two stoner friends who got together and started growing cannabis for their personal interest. They became increasingly involved in the selection and breeding of special strains and collected masses of connoisseur cannabis seeds eventually moving to the more welcoming ambiance of Amsterdam in 2002 where they bred their seeds together with other cannabis strains such as Neville's Haze, G13-Haze and Colombian Gold until the DNA Genetics seed bank was formed to make these special strains more widely available. In fact you could say that breeding cannabis is in their DNA!

DNA Genetics Cannabis Cup Winners

DNA Genetics Seeds has won many Cannabis Cups. In its first two years of entering the famous High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam it won awards for L.A.Confidential and Martian Mean Green in 2004 and 2005. These special cannabis seeds are available in packs of 6 or 13 regular DNA Genetics Seeds.