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Dutch Passion Feminised Seeds

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Dutch Passion Feminised Seeds

Dutch Passion Feminised cannabis seeds the originators of feminized seeds

The Dutch Passion Feminised cannabis seeds range is produced by one of the first cannabis seed banks to be established in The Netherlands, in 1987, and has a great reputation for genetic quality and germination reliability. The Dutch Passion feminised seeds range is well known for its blueberry weed cannabis strains Blueberry and Blue Moonshine as well as for its White Widow, Passion #1, Mazar and Power Plant strains.

Dutch Passion have also been busy with developing automatic cannabis strains such as Star Ryder, Think Different, Tundra and Snowstorm #2 amongst others. Now Dutch passion is one of the first seed banks to introduce a high CBD strain that was a co-project with the CBD Crew - CBD Skunk Haze.

Dutch Passion Feminized Cannabis Seeds Pioneers

In 1998 Dutch Passion were feminized cannabis seeds pioneers in making a major breakthrough in seed breeding technology with the development of feminised seeds. Under the right growing conditions these give rise to only female plants. To produce these selected clones are needed. Under standard conditions these female clones do not produce any male flowers. With the method they discovered, cuttings can produce male flowers and pollen. The pollen thus produced is used for the production of these special seeds. Dutch Passion is one of the few seed banks that states THC and CBD percentages of most of the strains in their catalogue.

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