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Female Seeds

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Female Seeds

Female Seeds breeds and produces feminised cannabis seeds exclusively for sale under its own brand name after gaining 15 years of experience working in the marijuana breeding sector for wholesale supply to other seed banks. The process involves selecting, breeding, crossing, creating, improving and testing many different cannabis strains with the aim of creating and breeding female seeds that grow into consistent, top quality plants.

Female Cannabis Seeds Reliability

Female Cannabis Seeds are not quite clone-like yet, but in the meantime it is able to bring to the marijuana seeds market feminised cannabis seeds 99.9% of which grow into top quality female plants. Each batch of Female Seeds is tested for reliability regarding germination and stability. Any batches that do not meet stringent requirements are destroyed to ensure only good results "in the field". It is a seed bank that continues a ceaseless quest to deliver top quality new strains for extremely reasonable prices as our sales for these testify. One such strain is White Widow x Big Bud which has proved to be our most popular marijuana strain of the last 4 years.

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