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Feminised Autoflowering Seeds

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Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds have a dual advantage to the cultivator of cannabis (wherever this is legal) - in addition to not being light-cycle dependent to trigger the flowering phase in favourable environmental conditions the grower will only be tending female plants. It is only females that produce the flowering buds, coated in thc crystals, which are in demand both medicinally and recreationally amongst afficionados.

Feminised cannabis seeds have become incredibly popular in recent years to the point where they outsell the regular strains in most cases. Indeed, some seed banks are phasing out the marketing of regular cannabis strains or have done so already. This is also a trend with automatic / autoflowering cannabis strains. Below you can see all of our feminised autoflowering seeds on one page making it easier for you to access their full details and buy them.