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Lowryder Feminised Seeds

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Lowryder Feminised Seeds

 image of Lowryder Seeds by the Joint Doctor

Lowryder feminised seeds are autoflowering dwarf cannabis seeds developed by the Joint Doctor which have created a revolution in fast and stealthy cannabis growing. Automatic Lowryder strains are special in that they are bred to grow fast almost anywhere and then flower automatically regardless of photo-period by virtue of their unique ruderalis genetics. The Joint Doctor's Lowryder Seeds include the original Lowryder 1 which created this boom in dwarf automatic cannabis strains.

Joint Doctor's Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

The Joint Doctor's Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds strains are unique in that they are automatic dwarf cannabis hybrids which do not need shortened "day light" hours to trigger the flowering phase. Now there are five automatic Lowryder hybrid strains plus a mixed seeds pack from which to choose, all enabling you to grow several crops a season outdoors or six crops a year indoors in the same growing space and utilising cannabis ruderalis genetics. These authentic auto seeds are now available in Seedsman packaging but they are exactly the same Joint Doctor quality seeds that have earned such a great reputation amongst auto cannabis enthusiasts.

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