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Mama Thai Seeds Seedsman

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Mama Thai by Seedsman Cannabis Seeds is one of its most impressive cannabis sativas with a high THC content.

Mama Thai Seeds is a highly prized Far Eastern cannabis sativa strain.

Seedsman Mama Thai

Seedsman Mama Thai produces a true-breeding cannabis sativa with a high THC content.

Seedsman Mama Thai breeders have selected the earliest maturing and vigorous growing phenotypes from their Thai genetics to help shorten the usually very lengthy Thai sativa's flowering period. In so doing they have retained the qualities of the Thai genetics.

The optimum THC content of this plant lies around 22% and this gives a clear, strong cerebral high. Beware this can sometimes seem a little hallucinogenic in strong doses.

Seedsman Mama Thai flowers in 11 weeks so it is more suitable for indoors than out. It will grow happily in greenhouses and will also grow outside in warmer climates such as around the Mediterranean.

It can grow very large when allowed to and it produces light fluffy sativa buds favoured more by the true connoisseur than by cultivators growing for yield.

Mama Thai details:

  • Cannabis Genetics: Thai
  • Type: True breeding landrace sativa
  • Flowering: 11 weeks
  • Harvest: November outdoors northern hemisphere
  • THC: 22%
  • Characteristics: Large, potent pure sativa
  • Number of seeds: Packs of 10 and 100 regular seeds available

Seedsman Mama Thai Seeds

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