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Mr. Nice Cannabis Seeds

Mr. Nice Seedbank cannabis seeds from Shanti Baba

Mr Nice Seed Bank is owned by Shanti Baba who used to be the chief breeder at Greenhouse Seeds. He works together with another top breeder. Mr Nice Seed Bank operates with the endorsement of Mr. Nice himself - the legendary Howard Marks. These three cannabis connoisseurs boast a huge wealth of experience in producing and evaluating new cannabis seeds strains. They have produced a large amount of Cannabis Cup winners since 1990 including such legendary names as Northern Lights No. 5, Super Silver Haze, White Rhino and Great White Shark.

Mr Nice Seed Bank was formed for the purpose of disseminating these most special cannabis strains. Genetic diversity is first bred into the strains that are favoured by those involved. The distribution of these seeds helps to ensure that none of these strains is ever lost. The cannabis breeding facilities are entirely indoors and housed within pollen-proofed rooms in order to provide complete control over all the breeding factors. Indoor breeding by no means implies that the resulting seed is limited to indoor growth however. All Mr Nice seeds could be grown indoors or outdoors given the correct climate factors.

Mr Nice Seed Bank has created new names for its range of seeds even though they have been established for many years under other names - this is to avoid any infringement of copyright over other seed companies' names! Each strain lists its alternative name on the relevant product page. It differs from many other seed companies by producing all its seeds in purpose built cannabis research and development laboratories. It is set up for fully controlled breeding facilities.

There are now 18 amazing connoisseur cannabis seeds in all Mr Nice seed packs and 43 strains all told.