Privacy Policy

Headsite is 100% committed to your privacy and to the protection of your personal details. The information you provide is only used to enable us to process your order. We will not share, sell or otherwise distribute any information you provide to anyone outside of the order process in full accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Information is collected in the following ways:

  1. When an order is placed we receive your name, e-mail address, delivery address, telephone number and details of the product(s) ordered. Payments are processed electronically using state of the art encryption technology on secure servers..
  2. Cookies are very small bits of data that are stored on your hard drive. Headsite only uses cookies to keep track of the items you have placed in your shopping cart allowing you to leave the site if you wish and still be able to resume shopping where you left off on your return. On completion of your order these cookies are deleted. They do not follow your off-site browsing in any way at all. Please read more about our cookie policy below.

Cookie Policy

A Cookie is a small text file that may be placed on your computer or mobile device to help interaction with a website. They can not identify you personally. There are two kinds of cookies, namely First Party cookies and Third Party cookies.

First Party Cookies

First party cookies are used to track users through our website and enable any items you place into the shopping cart to be remembered when you then continue to look at other products or pages, or compare prices on another website, before returning to the cart page. They are essential to the smooth working of ecommerce websites and many other kinds of websites.
Our online store uses the following essential first party cookies:

  1. ekm_USERNAME – Temporary cookie generated to test if cookies are enabled on the visitor’s browser.
  2. ekm_pp_USERNAME – Stores a unique reference to visitors cart contents. It stores authentication details for customer logged in section.
  3. ekm_tmp_ORDERNUMBER – Stores a reference to the visitors order number after an order has been generated.

Third Party Cookies:

Third party cookies are used by other companies to enhance user experience on our website. They do not store any personal information about you. For example we use Google Analytics to analyse how people use our site and to improve our service to visitors.
Our online store uses the following third party Google cookies:

Google Analytics:

  1. _utma;
  2. _utmb;
  3. _utmc;
  4. _utmz;

These cookies are used to gather data about visitors' use of our site. This information helps us to analyse visitor use and to improve the site. The information collected in this way is in an anonymous form, and includes data such as the number of visitors we get, where they have come from, i.e. from a search engine or bookmark (favourites) and the pages they visited. They do not record any personal information whatsoever.

Headsite also uses the Add This social media bookmarking app. to enable people to inform their friends about us and our products. A cookie is placed in your browser only when you are logged into your social media accounts, e.g. Facebook, Twitter etcetera. If you are not logged in to your social media account(s) then no such cookie will be used.

Please consult the cookie policy of the social network(s) you are subscribed to for more details.

Cookie Control

If you wish to block or remove either all or certain specific cookies via your browser then CLICK HERE for full details of how to do this.