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Purple Bud Seeds Seedsman

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Purple Bud Seedsman Cannabis Seeds is a strain originally from Oregon in the USA. Good outdoor plant.

Purple Bud Seeds is a beautiful outdoor cannabis strain.

Seedsman Purple Bud

Seedsman Purple Bud is an interesting variety from Oregon in the USA where it was specially bred to mature outdoors.

In Oregon and California there are many coloured cannabis varieties such as Purple Oregon Sativa, the Purple Akala or the “ Da Purps” highlighted by Jason King in his book The Cannabible. These strains are interesting as much for their colours as for their fruity tastes. Purple Bud belongs to the “purple family” of cannabis strains. In the US these plants are called purple even if they are lightly coloured e.g. light pink or light violet, contrary to the Dutch ones which are sometimes almost black due to the effect of the local cold climate.

Purple Bud is very similar to Skunk #1 in characteristics, genetics and growth patterns. It is easy to grow and finishes flowering in 9 weeks. Its optimum THC content is around 20%. Purple Bud has a good head high, perfect for getting out and about in the great outdoors.

Purple Bud details:

  • Cannabis Genetics: Skunk
  • Type: F1 hybrid, mostly sativa
  • Flowering: 9 weeks
  • Harvest: October outdoors northern hemisphere
  • THC: 18.3%
  • Characteristics: Easy grower, nice colours in the buds
  • Number of seeds: Packs of 10 and 100 regular Purple Bud seeds

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Seedsman Purple Bud Seeds

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