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Reeferman Seeds

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Reeferman Seeds


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Reeferman Seeds is an extremely quality conscious Canadian cannabis seeds bank. Reeferman Seeds staked its claim to rival the very best of the seed breeders from Holland having won first prize in the Seed Company Cannabis Cup with its Love Potion Number 1 strain in 2004.

Driven by a concern that the continual inbreeding of cannabis strains runs the risk of creating a shrinking gene pool for the future Reeferman Seeds emphasise diversity of cannabis strains in order to preserve this precious genetic heritage for future generations. As a result of this policy Reeferman has sought out cherished old landrace cannabis strains such as Panama Red and Santa Marta from Mexico and Colombia respectively as well as strains from Thailand, Vietnam and China. Selective breeding of these for the best characteristics has ensued followed by crossing (hybridisation) with other pure bred strains to create some amazing new hybrids.