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Roadrunner 2 Automatic Feminised Seeds Dinafem

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Roadrunner 2 Automatic Feminised Seeds is derived from Dinafem Seeds first autoflowering strain crossed with a special Diesel Ryder for improved vigour, productivity and effect.
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Roadrunner 2 Automatic Feminised Seeds is an original Roadrunner / Diesel Ryder cross.

Roadrunner 2 Feminised

Roadrunner 2 Feminised is the second autoflowering strain by Dinafem Seeds. The original Roadrunner is a hybrid cross of the original Lowryder and the Dinafem #1 breeding parent strain which has subsequently been crossed with a rather special Diesel Ryder to give Roadrunner 2. Such a breeding project has resulted in a plant with much more vigour and is both more Edit Productive than its predecessor as well as being stronger in effect. Having the ruderalis genes means that this strain still has the original response which enabled the survival of the plant in adverse conditions, i.e. in short and cold growing seasons.

Together with the previously mentioned improvements Roadrunner 2 has a more indica, citrus flavour with more flower Edit Production. In spite of its increased strength it is quite a relaxing strain due to the higher levels of CBD which give a more balanced high.

Roadrunner 2 automatic is suitable for a wide range of environments and is fully mature in 65 / 75 days from germination. Indoors or in pots this strain enjoys plenty of "leg-room" and needs a minimum of 4 litres of soil / substrate but responds better to much more, eg 20 litres or even more. Maximum growth is achieved with 20 hours of continuous light although outdoors it can do well when planted anytime between April and September but avoid overly wet soil / substrate.

Roadrunner 2 Feminised Automatic specifics:

  • Cannabis genetics: Lowryder 1 x Dinafem #1 x Diesel Ryder
  • Type: Ruderalis hybrid
  • Flowering: 55 - 60 days from start of flowering
  • Harvest: 65 - 75 days after germination
  • Environment: Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse
  • Seeds in pack: available in packs of 3, 5 and 10 feminised automatic seeds

Dinafem Roadrunner 2 Automatic Feminised Seeds

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