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Seedsman Cannabis Seeds

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Seedsman Cannabis Seeds

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Seedsman cannabis seeds presents a range of true breeding and F1 hybrid strains from only £15.99 per pack. Seedsman Seeds is actively concerned with the preservation of important landrace cannabis seeds as well as true-breeding indica/sativa hybrid marijuana strains.

About Seedsman

Seedsman is a UK company which works directly with the original pioneers of cannabis breeding from Sacred Seeds and Cultivators Choice to bring you original true-breeding strains such as original Afghani Number 1 and landrace Mama Thai seeds. Seedsman is also working with other breeders to bring you the best pure-bred strains from around the world. Offering the best in cannabis landrace genetics and indica/sativa cannabis hybrids all of which have been acclimatised in Europe. Its main breeder is Sam the Skunkman who is famous for the Original Skunk Number 1. Every strain offered by Seedsman is produced 100% organically and has been grown in absolute isolation to ensure that no fertilisation occurs by strains other than those selected.

Cannabis Laws: Seedsman

Seedsman wishes to emphasise that neither they nor their retailers in any way condone the germination or cultivation of cannabis where this would bring their customers into conflict with the law.

Packaging: All packs contain 10 Seedsman cannabis seeds.