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Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds stable cannabis varieties

Serious Seeds is a small cannabis seeds bank which produces consistently stable strains of exceptional connoisseur quality. The aim of Serious Seeds has always been to produce a small selection of the absolute top quality marijuana strains for its customers to smoke and the short list features such legendary names as Chronic and Kali Mist. Now Serious Seeds has got even better as it has taken over Magus Genetics with its small range of exceptional cannabis strains.

About Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds' cannabis strains are some of the strongest plants (highest in THC content) available on the market today, averaging between 18-22% THC according to independent and reliable laboratory tests conducted over the last 20 years . These tests were done on plants grown from exactly the same seeds that are available to the customer. Strains such as White Russian and AK 47 have convinced cannabis connoisseurs and Cannabis Cup judges time and again of their quality. You can be assured of good germination rates and extremely uniform plant growth.

Serious Seeds are produced in small numbers and stock is always fresh and specially hand-selected. In addition, every batch of seeds is tested for germination rate and uniformity of growth. Every bag is numbered for this reason - giving traceability and accountability.

Guarantee: Keep the original packaging and the reference number in case problems do occur. These seeds are now packed per 11 seeds in a transparent and air-tight tube for added protection.

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Remember, if you are serious about cannabis buy Serious Seeds.