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Skunk Seeds

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Skunk Seeds

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Skunk seeds have influenced the cannabis scene since the late 70s when growing skunk became an activity synonymous with high quality sinsemilla (seedless marijuana) production. The number of skunk strains has grown as breeders developed different hybrids crossing it with many other cannabis strains. For our purposes we refer exclusively to a plant that is directly descended from the original Skunk No. 1 bred by Sam the Skunkman in the 1970s and so called because of its strong smell.

Skunk Number 1 (AKA "The Pure"), is the original of all the skunk cannabis grown throughout the world today. Sam the Skunk Man was the breeder of the original skunk at Sacred Seeds. Sam took an Afghani Indica, "Acapulco Gold" Mexican Sativa and Colombian Gold Sativa to breed, blend and create a very strong cannabis variety full of flavour and rich in THC. Skunk cannabis seeds are typically early maturing, stable and highly potent with a relatively good yield.

Skunk strains tend to have an average THC content of between 10% and 14% with many having still higher levels. Below we list all of our Skunk seeds for your convenience, although there is one notable absence - the mythical "Killer Skunk" so beloved of the tabloids. We include in our Skunk seeds collection true breeding strains and skunk hybrids in no particular order.

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